Behind the panic, is the mother and she's called Claire Possamai and Claire has created a haven for women to be unashamedly 'mental' with no judgement, no shame and no stigma. By sharing stories of her anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and panic attacks she has inspired other women to speak about their own mental health problems and turn their negatives into positives in a community of 'mental muthas'. Claire even spoke to her therapist and documented it on her Insta stories to show and share with her followers how therapy helps her and how it could help you too.

Claire lives in Essex surrounded by boys, she has 3 sons and her husband.

Panic The Mother is challenging views and stigma surrounding mental health.

"Welcome to the panic mindset" - Panic The Mother. 


Are you a mental Mum or a Mum that’s mental?

I’m a mum that’s mental, I’m a mother that walks around muttering for fucks sake as I try and ride life. 

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Meditate? Talk? Hide?

I call my sister and my mum, I cry and tell them my ridiculous worries of fires and every other danger that could possibly happen. My mum and sister calm me, they get every part of me and this I find relaxing. However, if they don’t answer the fucking phone after me trying mobiles, home phones and what’s app call then I listen to a positive podcast, this always takes me away. Mother pukka, scummy mummy’s and the guilty feminist are so ridiculous good! But I do sometimes hide. Just accepting how I’m feeling instead of trying to change it.

Do you discuss your mental health with your mum mates? 

I don’t have many mum mates, I had my children young. I was very lonely and isolated for many years. Now any friends that have children have much younger ones, I find this hard sometimes. 

How do you tackle mental health chats with your kid’s?

Mental health is sadly very much a part of our everyday life. I have three sons... my eldest son has Tourette’s syndrome and ADHD; my middle child has an anxiety disorder and is currently dealing with grief. We lost my two very best childhood friends and this has had a huge effect on mine and my children’s lives. Becky died of cancer and James died from suicide. Total heartbreak and totally changed my life. I’m very open and honest with my sons, not being open is creating a stigma which is what I want to smash down.

Mental health is sadly very much a part of our everyday life.
— Claire Possamai

Who helps you in the dark? (In your pits, your mental rock bottom - who is your hero?)

I have had some serious lows, for many years. My anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and agoraphobia completely controlled my life. I still have days even weeks, months when it goes very shit... my mum, step mum and sister are my rock. I’d be utterly fucked without them. 

 What helps you in the light? (Meditation? Procrastination? Perspiration? People?)

I help myself mostly these days, I’ve learnt a lot over the years. Tried so many different therapies and medication, I honestly believe it’s all in the mindset. But babes this takes practice and I had years of therapy to get to a place I felt positive enough to try.

Is it hard to talk about your mental health? (Doesn't mean on Instagram necessarily, but do you feel the stigma is lifting and do you feel safe to speak your mind, even if it is possibly 'mental'?)

I never spoke about it for so many years, I wasn’t diagnosed until late, like way too late. Ended up in the priory. Just thought I was “mental” turns out I was...  after I was diagnosed I was seriously fucked off that I had suffered for so many years, too scared to talk up. I also had my sons journey too and that brought its own shit storm and some horrendous years of judgment and heartache. ‘Panic the Mother’ is born out of my panic, I refuse to stay quiet and I will now happily be the voice for many other mothers and women to feel confident enough to get the help they need without fear. I never want another mother to go through what I have. 

Where’s your head at?

I’m very focused at the moment, pretty sassy. A little badass. Ready to get cracking I have a lot of shit to do.

Soft Play or Rehab?

REHAB!! I can’t even hear the word soft play without a little vomit coming up. 10 years of that is enough babe.

Jacobs Creek or a Jacobs Cracker?

Beer, beer and beer. Estrella please

Nut Job or Nut Allergy?

Nut job (obviously)

Self Care or Self Sabotage?

Self care always. I can’t shout this enough!!! Love yourself babes

Journal or jog?

Journal, I have been writing for years. It helps me. My mind is never quite and I never finish one thing at a time so this calms me.

Ask for help or happy to hermit?

Hermit, I really am a homely babe. Did I mention I suffer with agoraphobia?

My husband is fucked off I haven’t mentioned him.

Eeerrrr…..Who else would you turn to?

My husband of course, every time.  

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Women talking unashamedly about their mental health and parenting innit.