Are you a mental Mum or a Mum that’s mental?

I’m a Mum who regularly gets dressed for work in the dark so as not to wake up the rest of the house and then by midday realises that I have my knickers and T-shirt on inside-out! Bloody mental.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

I’ve learnt to stop, breathe and kindly tell myself to calm the fuck down. I try to whisk myself off to my happy place which is my little writing corner of the house along with a big glass of vino. I list all the things that I’m grateful for and lucky to have in my life. I previously worked with children in Oncology and Palliative Care services. That job taught me to smell the roses along the way and to try and appreciate what you have now. ‘Now’ is all we’ve got. Life is tough and its easy to get your knickers in a twist, but it’s never good to leave them twisted and wedged right up your arse! Seize the moment, and try to nip those feelings of anxiety in the bud before they get too big to handle.

Do you discuss your mental health with your Mum mates?

Abso-bloody-lutely! One friend and I will regularly ask each other “how’s your crazy fucked up head today?” We then laugh and release any pressure valves that we’ve been bottling up. 

How do you tackle Mental health chats with your kids?

I try to instil in them that they should never be ashamed to talk. Don’t judge others as you don’t know what path they are treading at the moment and never feel silly to be upset, have a bloody good cry and share your feelings.

Who helps you in the dark?

I’m lucky to have a small but treasured crew of peeps. We laugh, we cry, we swear and we are always looking over our shoulders to make sure no one gets left behind in the dark. 

What helps you in the light?

Movement and writing. Last year, I went to a Tony Robbins convention and his words “motion effects emotion” have stuck with me ever since. I no longer think of exercise as a ‘pain in the arse’ vicious cycle to try and be “slim”. I literally exercise now, for my mind and around as much nature as possible. Also throw in some fab tunes, a moment to write, plenty of water, greens to eat and a good nights sleep. I always feel better after getting that combo in my system. An evening of wine or chocolate buttons never truly leaves you feeling fabulous the following day!

Is it hard to talk about your mental health? 

It depends who I’m talking with with. Positive people only, for me. Thankfully our generation is so much more open. I adore Bryony Gordons podcast “Mad World”. So good for kicking that stigma to the curb.

Thankfully our generation is so much more open. I adore Bryony Gordons podcast “Mad World”. So good for kicking that stigma to the curb.
— Flic

Where’s your head at?

For the first time in years it’s in a good spot. I spent all of last year hunting and tapping into sources for making myself feel better. I’ve just finished reading Jen Sincero’s book ‘You are a badass’ and bloody loved it. I’m working on keeping myself pepped up and in ‘high frequency mode’ - so far, so good! 

Soft Play or Rehab?

The Soft play mornings have ended in my house but the baseball field afternoons have begun. Seeing my boys happy and laughing with their mates puts all the brakes on chances of rehab. 

Jacobs creek or Jacobs cracker?

Creek baby, Creek! and the more of my fabulous friends that I can share it with, the better. Make it a few bottles!

Nut job or nut allergy?

Nut job - hands down! I simply can’t do luke warm! I get unbelievably excited and elevated about things and people. It’s in my nature to be ridiculously expressive. Total nut job!

Self care of self sabotage?

Oh bloody hell. I can honestly say that it's only the last year of my life that I’ve managed to switch from hardcore self sabotage to some self care. I’m still not 100% self care but am getting so much better. We wouldn’t let a friend talk negatively and put themselves down so why do we do it to ourselves? 

We wouldn’t let a friend talk negatively and put themselves down so why do we do it to ourselves? 
— Flic

Journal or jog?

Both! I’ve learnt to love walking on my lunch-break and listen to podcasts or books. I’m always having to pause what I’m listening to and stop to write something down in my iPhone notes. My mind doesn’t switch off very often and I’m always ready to soak up something new. 

Ask for help or happy to hermit?

Despite working with people, I’m a natural introvert. I’ve realised the importance of making myself ask for help from the right people. I may bring the sunshine to the Saturday night party but will lay low on Sunday as I would have bloody worn myself out. The older you get the wiser you become in tuning in to who you turn to and reach for.

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