Why Mental Mutha?

Alright babes,

Right....listen...the plan is to create a mini mental health series where I ‘expertly’ interview women/mothers who are probably perceived as ‘having their shit together”, but I want to share and show the actual daily grind that goes into surviving life, love, friendships, drama and motherhood. 

Many women worry that it will be difficult to cope with parenting if they have mental health issues. It is ‘normal’ to be concerned about the impact this will have on our kids, but the pressure to be ‘normal’ greatly impacts us, the MUTHA and when it comes to matters of the mind it is important to remember the plane safety message “put your oxygen mask on first and then help others”. 

With the right support and resources, it is perfectly possible for us ‘Mental Muthas’ to parent, whilst managing our mental health problems and because your mind matters I want to talk about it. 

Let’s tag what works for us, just like we tag what we wear or buy on Instagram, lets #sharewithnoshame

Fancy getting involved?

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