Ali + Finn

The Positive Planner is the brainchild of Ali and Finn, two mums on a mission to break the stigma around mental health.


Are you a mental Mum or a Mum that’s mental?

I am just bloody bonkers all round really! Absolutely mental as a mother, friend, lover and boss! I love my mental mind in all its complicated glory, it took me 31 years to love it!


I am just bloody bonkers all round really! Absolutely mental as a mother, friend, lover and boss! I love my mental mind in all its complicated glory, it took me 31 years to love it!
— Finn

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Meditate? Talk? Hide? 

Take a nap and ignore the world for an hour, my husband will banish me to bed when he sees the agitated manic side creeping out! It’s not always possible though, so when I’m out and about and overwhelmed I tell someone, anyone that’ll listen, I do A LOT of deep breathing a lot of FFS in whisper or in my head, see told you totally mental!

Do you discuss your mental health with your mum mates?

Slowly I am getting there with this one, pre-baby I bottled up my mental health demands and let them loose around a select group of people or in private, that was quite explosive and had rather awful consequences for all involved! Since having my baby in November 2016 my mental health has been pushed to its absolute limits and there was no hiding it any more really. Starting the Positive Planner last year, I have got so much better at sharing my mental health struggles, my Mum mates are supportive, don’t judge and good at making the call as to whether it is a tea and biscuits kind of day or a wine and snacks day

How do you tackle mental health chats with your kids?

My son is only 15 months, so I guess it is not really a conversation we have had yet, we try to allow him to go through his emotions without telling him to stop or telling him off for feeling frustrated, sad angry etc. sometimes, it is a fucking struggle at times, and you want to yell shut up, but ultimately I think it is important for him to understand there are lots of emotions that make us a whole person and angry, sad, frustrated and anxious are as prevalent as happy, ecstatic and feel really bloody awesome, (which he is obvs) I hope he will just think of his mental health like his physical one, we will be as open about talking about ours and his mental health, he is defiantly a bit mental like me but we love that about him, he’s our little firecracker

Who helps you in the dark? (In your pits, your mental rock bottom - who is your hero?)

My Husband!!! He is hands down the most patient and forgiving soul I have ever met, he absolute picked me up and put me back together again when we met 8 years ago, that man deserve a fucking Nobel prize for the shiz I have put him through, he literally smiles in his sleep, the man is annoyingly chirpy at all times.

My Mum, always my biggest fan and always on the end of the phone, even if I find it too hard to pick up at times (I am getting better at this)

My MIL, that women was the most Un-Sympathetic person I had met when My husband and I got together, she was/still is a marvellous MIL, but since she met her partner 4 years ago and who suffers with mental health problems she has become supportive warrior women, she has picked me up from the kitchen floor, cleaned my house, cooked us meals and fought my corner to get the diagnosis I needed to receive the correct treatment.

And of course, mates, selected few who “Just Know” who take your baby for a walk, coach you out of the toilet you’re hiding in crying down the phone to them, buy you book on how to give less of a fuck and dedicate their yoga and meditations to you to send you good vibes and energy, mates are ace!

Journaling is a really simple, effective way of getting a sense of control over your wellbeing. It can be a powerful tool to help you get to know yourself better - and the better you know yourself, the better care you can take of yourself.
— Finn

What helps you in the light?

Writing, looking at pictures of happy times, gratitude which we encourage EVERY FRICKING DAY in our tool The Positive Planner!

Is it hard to talk about your mental health? (Doesn't mean on Instagram necessarily, but do you feel the stigma is lifting and do you feel safe to speak your mind, even if it is possibly ‘mental’?)

Yes, Always. But if we want to break the stigma it ain’t gonna be done sitting on our asses bottling that shit up, we have to get out of our damaging “comfort” zone and scream about it, the stigma is lifting in certain circles but it still has a long way to go and I think showing and receiving support and encouragement about sharing our own personal experiences can only be a good and progressive thing1

Wheres your head at?

Hopeful, stronger than ever before, accepting. 

Soft Play or Rehab?

Soft play then REHAB to recover….…

Jacobs Creek or a Jacobs Cracker?  

Malbec and steak

Nut Job or Nut Allergy?

All the Nuts, me, actually nuts, love em all! 

Self-Care or Self Sabotage?

Hmmmmmm self-care as a choice, self-sabotage when I am being a bitch to myself!!

Journal or jog?

Both, journal every day, can’t say the same for jogging but I fit one in when I can!

Ask for or happy to hermit?

Help, every single time! 


The Positive Planner... The Happy Journal

The Positive Planner is a traditional journal meets DIY therapist, with sections dedicated to daily reflections, a weekly mood tracker and mindfulness activities as well as everyday organisational extras such as meal planners and shopping lists. It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for organising yourself and most importantly improving your mental health and wellbeing. 



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